Hi! I am Joseph Jack Miller, JJ for short. Often I go under the pen name “Pigeon” when publishing work online for its simplicity. I have been creating maps for as long as I have had the time and software to do so, building a passion for architecture and the creation process over the years.In the past I've used Minecraft and Unity as engines for map creation. Currently I am using the Source Engine, specifically Team Fortress 2 and its mods. Lately, I have been making maps for Open Fortress, a mod of Team Fortress 2.I am proficient in
- Photoshop
- Hammer Editor
I am also a programming beginner, currently learning java as my first coding language.
To see more of my creations, check out the gallery tab, which is where I have my most recent works showcased. Click here to see some miscellaneous screenshots of my work.Bonus: I have 2 silly cats named Ozzy (black) and Scout (gray).(placeholder picture of me)